Few Important Mistakes Car Accident Injury Victims Makes

Car accidents, upon their occurrence, can prove quite frustrating due to the consequent issues they spark up. Some suffer permanent disability, others have to put up with the loss of their loved ones and others have to foot quite hefty medical bills which could have been directed towards other revenue generating projects. There are other related frustrations which could have negative impact on the lives of the affected, more so financially.

In the Southern California region, you could end up having to put up with similar frustrations if you don’t adhere to the right procedures for selecting Right Auto Accident Attorney, once they get involved in accidents. The fact is that most of the mistakes many people end up making would make the difference between how fast they get through the issues arising from the accident and how further they would have to put up with the negative impacts.

Failure to call the police

Few Important Mistakes Car Accident Injury Victims MakesIn the event that one fails to call the police, they deny themselves the opportunity to have the right police report. The police report regarding an accident is quite important since one’s car accident attorney uses the report to make the necessary claims from the insurance company that covers you.

Failing to see a doctor right away

This could see quite the worst losses to the accident victim including the loss of their own lives. Seeing a doctor right away is quite necessary in order to ensure that your life is not in danger. This also ensures that one gets to receive medical attention and accompanying documentation which could be necessary in making of claims.

Hiring an inexperienced lawyer

This could be quite detrimental to the financial state of the victim. Whether the victim is on the right side of the law or on the wrong side of the law, they should ensure that they have an edge when it comes to the legal side. A good lawyer in the Southern California region will not only ensure that you get the highest settlement value possible, but will also ensure that you understand the insurance code to the fullest.

Not keeping your lawyer posted with your progress.

Failure to have your personal injury or car accident attorney in the know could have far reaching effects including losing out on a filed case due to concealed pieces of information that could be exploited to have you jailed. This could also terminate the good attorney-client relationship or even narrow down the chances of having the claims settled to zero.

Disclosing of cases or injuries online and to other people

Most legal procedures require utmost confidentiality up to the time of their completion. This is no different for car accident related legalities in the Southern California. Spilling of information to inappropriate parties by word of mouth or through an online platform could lead to one losing out if the information falls on the wrong hands.There are some more things to do after having a car accident, you can read them at http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Public/Pamphlets/AutoAccident.aspx

Reaching out to the wrongdoers insurance company

The need to reach out to the wrongdoer’s insurer should come right after the involvement of a claims adjuster, who verifies that the magnitude of the injuries requires settlement by the company covering the wrongdoer. It’s rather prudent to have an attorney proceed to make any reach out since their understanding of the insurance code will enable them to make the best choices and calculated steps toward ensuring that you get your Injury claims settled by the wrongdoer’s insurer.

Where and how to file a auto accident lawsuit

When a person has been in a car accident and it was not fault of their own they should contact a car accident lawyer right away. This lawyer will help a person know when and where they can file an auto accident lawsuit and get compensation for their injuries.

An auto accident lawyer is most cases will offer a free consultation. They will speak with the person and listen to the details of the auto accident. This will help them determine if a person has a case that can be worn. They will ask about what was happening right before the accident, what the person was doing before the accident, where they were heading, and will ask about their injuries, medical bills, and any lost wages as a result of the car accident. If the lawyer decides that there is a case they will help a person every step of the way.Where and how to file a auto accident lawsuit

The auto accident attorney will contact the insurance company of the driver at fault and see what form of compensation they are willing for offer. This compensation should cover medical expenses, damage to the car, and in some cases lost wages. If the offer from the insurance company is too low the lawyer may file a lawsuit and sue the insurance company.

When a lawsuit is filed they will start with a complaint. The insurance company will then be able to make another offer to keep the case out of court. They may also prepare a defense to show that their insured driver is not completely at fault. find more about lawsuit and its working on : http://people.howstuffworks.com/lawsuit.htm

Preliminary Motions

The defense may request that the case is dropped or that it is moved from the state court to a federal court. This does not happen in all cases but is possible.

Pre Trial

A judge will set a date for a trial. The insurance company may make another settlement offer at this time.


During this both sides will investigate the accident. They will interview witnesses, gather police reports, and try to prove who was at fault for the accident. It is important to hold onto all documents including medical bills as they may be needed in court.


If the case does go to trial a judge will have the final say who is at fault and it a law was broken. They will also determine instruct a jury to determine a settlement amount. Many cases rarely make it to trial.

If a person is injured by another driver while riding a motorcycle they should contact a motorcycle accident attorney. These lawyers will follow a similar process as those that handle car accidents and fight for compensation.

When a person is injured in an auto accident they need to contact an auto accident attorney. They can help a person take the necessary steps to get the compensation they need.